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Adult Individual Therapy

I provide therapy for adults struggling with acute psychiatric illness &/ with problems of daily living &/ with relational problems. Individual therapy may be indicated if you are experiencing difficulties with (including but not limited to):

A wide range of disorders: mood, anxiety disorders, personality disorders, etc.
Relationship difficulties
Self-esteem difficulties
Somatic complaints
Difficulties adjusting to life changes
Postnatal depression/stress
Individuals pursuing personal growth self–exploration, increased self–insight
Parental guidance

Couples Therapy

I work with couples at various stages of their relationships (relationship counseling; premarital counseling; marital counseling) to address relationship difficulties. Some of the aims of Couples Therapy are to assist couples to achieve a greater understanding, awareness, empathy and connectedness. The results of which can be resolution of difficulties, individual growth and overall relationship growth. Couples Therapy can be effective in assisting couples experiencing (included but not limited to):

Communication difficulties
Maladaptive behavior patterns/ ways of relating to each other
Dissatisfaction in the relationship
Life stage transitions (the birth of a child, retirement etc.)
A need to improve the overall quality of the relationship